What is a multilingual website in asp net?

What is a multilingual website in asp net?

In this article, we will learn a step by step process to create a multilingual Web application using ASP.NET MVC. Multilingual means we can implement the website in multiple languages. In today’s world to grow customer interaction, everyone needs to implement this procedure in their applications. Prerequisites.

How can you use multiple languages in same asp net page?

How To Create Multiple Languages In ASP.NET MVC 4.5 Framework

  1. Step 1 – Open your Visual Studio and click File=> New=>Project, as shown below-
  2. Step 2 – Now, select ASP.NET Web Application template and give a name to your project.
  3. Step 3 – Select “Empty MVC template” and click OK button.

How does .NET support multiple languages?

NET, all of the languages including Visual Basic, . NET, C#, and J# compile to a common Intermediate language (IL). This makes all languages interoperable. Microsoft has created Java bytecode, which is a low-level language with a simple syntax, which can be very quickly translated into native machine code.

How do I change the language of a resource file in ASP NET MVC?

Localization of a Site in MVC5 Using Resource File

  1. Open Visual Studio and select ASP.NET Web Application.
  2. Next Select MVC.
  3. Add a Resource File In My Case named it ErrorMsg.
  4. Set the Access Modifier of the resource file to Public.
  5. Add messages to the resource file as below:

Why do we need to perform model translation in MVC?

MVC gives you a starting place to translate your ideas into code, and it also makes coming back to your code easier, since you will be able to identify which code does what. In addition, the organizational standard MVC promotes makes it easy for other developers to understand your code.

What is Application_AcquireRequestState?

Application_AcquireRequestState. Occurs when ASP.NET acquires the current state (for example, session state) that is associated with the current request. Application_AuthenticateRequest. Occurs when a security module has established the identity of the user.

How can I make my website English?

How to Translate a Website with Google Translate

  1. Open a web browser and go to translate.google.com. You don’t need a Google account to access it, because it’s free to all.
  2. On the right, choose the language you want to see the website in.
  3. Click Translate. Figure 1: Translating a Web site.

Does .NET support Java?

NET is that Java can run on any operating system through its compilers and JRE (Java Runtime Environment) as it follows the principle “write once, run anywhere”. On the other hand, . NET works only on the Windows operating system and its different versions. There are a few open-source versions of .

What do you mean by CLS?

Common Language Specification
What Does Common Language Specification (CLS) Mean? The Common Language Specification (CLS) is a fundamental set of language features supported by the Common Language Runtime (CLR) of the . NET Framework.

How to create a multilingual website in ASP.NET?

Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example, how to create a multilingual website in ASP.Net using Globalization and Localization i.e. a website that supports and displays multiple languages such as English and French in ASP.Net using C# and VB.Net.

Can a multilingual website be implemented in multiple languages?

Multilingual means that we can implement the website in multiple languages. In this article, we will learn a step by step process to create a multilingual Web application using ASP.NET MVC. Multilingual means we can implement the website in multiple languages.

How to display multiple languages in ASP.NET website?

The BasePage class overrides the InitializeCulture event of the page and inside the event handler, first the User’s default language is detected and if the language is not selected using from the DropDownList then the default Language is set as Current Culture.

Can a website support more than one language?

A website which can support Multiple Language and change according to the culture of a specific geographical location is not a new topic. Web sites to support multiple languages can be a challenging and time-consuming process.

How do you easily build a multilingual website?

5 Steps to Design & Build a Multilingual Website Translate Your Content. While not directly related to designing or building your website, this is perhaps the most important step you need to take. Decide on Your Multilingual Format. In short, there are two main ways you can approach designing a multilingual website. Implement a Language Selection Menu. Format Your Language Selection Menu.

Why do businesses need multilingual websites?

Furthering Your Reach. Technology has helped businesses expand to have worldwide reach – so this means that incorporating languages other than English will help businesses even more.

  • Optimizing Community.
  • Demonstration 0f Cultural Sensitivity.
  • Embracing Diversity for Your Business.
  • Why do you need a multilingual website?

    With your website, you can discover new customers by offering services and goods. A multilingual website is essential to staying above the competition and securing more customers. The more your business grows, the more you will need a multilingual website.

    How to make a WordPress website multilingual?

    you need to create the multisite network that will house your sites.

  • it’s time to configure each of your subsites.
  • Import or Create Your Content.
  • Translate Your Content.
  • Set Your Geographic Targets for Major Search Engines.