How to display loading message when an iframe is loading?

How to display loading message when an iframe is loading?

If it’s only a placeholder you are trying to achieve: a crazy approach is to inject text as an svg-background. It allows for some flexbility, and from what I’ve read the browser support should be fairly decent (haven’t tested it though): Chrome >= 27 FireFox >= 30 Internet Explorer >= 9 Safari >= 5.1 html:

Why does Firefox keep loading the wrong JavaScript file?

For detailed instructions, see Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware . In rare cases, a web page may be using an external JavaScript file which is in the wrong format. Try disabling JavaScript – see JavaScript settings and preferences for interactive web pages. If the page now finishes loading the bad Javascript file may be coming from:

Why does Firefox keep loading a spinning wheel?

A variant of the Vundo trojan is known to cause Firefox to have problems loading certain high-traffic sites, including Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, and more. Not all variants of the Vundo trojan can be detected or removed by malware scanners.

How to show page loading Div until page has finished loading?

1 Copy and paste the example code from above in a text editor and save it with .html extension. 2 Open the .html file you saved then open your browser’s developer tool, go to the networks tab and set throttling to Slow 3G. 3 Reload the page using ctrl + f5. Here’s how the final output looks like:

How to fire an event when a iframe has finished loading?

Iframe has an “onLoad” event. Once PDF is loaded it triggers onloat event where i’m hiding the loader iFrame has “onLoad” event where you can do what you need (hide loaders etc.) If you can expect the browser’s open/save interface to pop up for the user once the download is complete, then you can run this when you start the download:

How to hide progress indicator when iframe is loaded?

The closeProgressIndicator function is fired every 1 second (1000 milliseconds) and checks the status of the iframe.document.readyState. If the readyState is “complete” then it simply hides the progressIndicator and clears the interval. Unfortunately, this only works for IE.

How to remove a loading image from an iframe?

Using the onload event you can remove the loading image after the source page is loaded inside your iframe. If you are not using jQuery, just put an id into the div and replace this part of code: All the best! the simplest and most efficient solution. – Jheyman Mejia Nov 6 at 20:08

How to display loading message when an iframe-SRC?

If the iframe-src doesn’t have a background set, the placeholder will shine through (which is not inherent to this method, but just standard behaviour when you use a bg on the iframe)