How is zoom ratio calculated in Android camerax?

How is zoom ratio calculated in Android camerax?

The current camera zoom ratio is retrieved using CameraInfo, and then multiplied by the gesture’s scale delta, which represents by how much the scale has changed, and depends on the pinch gesture.

What are the parameters of the camera on Android?

Gets the current antibanding setting. Gets the state of the auto-exposure lock. Gets the state of the auto-white balance lock. Gets the current color effect setting. Gets the current exposure compensation index. Gets the exposure compensation step. Gets the current flash mode setting.

What can you do with cameracontrol in Android?

CameraControl can be used to configure the camera’s zoom, exposure compensation, focus and metering and enabling or disabling the torch (if the camera supports it). CameraControl can immediately be used after getting a Camera instance.

What does camerainfo do on Android camerax?

Torch state and flash availability: CameraInfo provides the state of the camera’s torch, which is either on or off, and allows querying whether the camera supports flash. Exposure state: Provides information about the camera’s exposure compensation, such as its index, range and step.

When to change camera parameters in Android SDK?

For example, after setWhiteBalance (String) is called, white balance is not actually changed until setParameters (Camera.Parameters) is called with the changed parameters object. Different devices may have different camera capabilities, such as picture size or flash modes.

How to set camera preview size in Android?

If you want to set a specific size for your camera preview, set this in the surfaceChanged() method as noted in the comments above. When setting preview size, you must use values from getSupportedPreviewSizes(). Do not set arbitrary values in the setPreviewSize() method.

What does the camera API mean for Android?

Starting with Android 4.0 (API Level 14), your camera application can provide additional controls to allow your app or users to specify areas in an image to use for determining focus or light level settings and pass these values to the camera hardware for use in capturing images or video.

What are the features of the Android camera?

Camera features Feature Description JPEG Quality Set the compression level for a JPEG ima Flash Mode Turn flash on, off, or use automatic set Color Effects Apply a color effect to the captured ima Anti-Banding Reduces the effect of banding in color g