How do I change the master page label text from the content page in asp net?

How do I change the master page label text from the content page in asp net?

Solution 3

  1. On Master Page code create property. Public string LoginText. { get. { return lblLogin.Text; } Set. {
  2. On the Content Page in aspx File, add a following directive after page directive. <%@ MasterType virtualPath=”~/MasterPage.master”%>
  3. Now in the code file of Content Page, You can access the property using.

How can call master page method from content page in asp net?

As you has added the “<%@ MasterType virtualpath=”~/Example/Example. master” %>” in your content page, you could just use “Master. ExampleFunction()” to call the master function.

How to manipulate master page controls in ASP.NET?

Those pages are report pages and it is not necessary to show the header and footer as those pages can be printed. Most easy way out is just use the FindControl method in the page.master object and then simply hide them. We can also cast them to a custom control and then set the properties. This will work in 99% cases and is really simple.

Can a master page be modified in ASP.NET?

In practical terms, ASP.NET server control properties that are commonly used to reference external resources are marked in this way. ASP.NET cannot modify URLs on elements that are not server controls. For example, if you use an img element on a master page and set its src attribute to a URL, ASP.NET will not modify the URL.

How are server controls set on master pages?

In server controls on master pages, ASP.NET dynamically modifies the URLs of properties that reference external resources. For example, you might put an Image control on a master page and set its ImageUrl property to be relative to the master page.

How to nest master pages in ASP.NET?

You can also nest master pages. For details, see Nested ASP.NET Master Pages. A master page is an ASP.NET file with the extension .master (for example, MySite.master) with a predefined layout that can include static text, HTML elements, and server controls.