How can I change my status in SAP status profile?

How can I change my status in SAP status profile?

Click on object status button (Sales document header à status tab à object status) and both statuses from status profile can be seen. 2. Try to deliver the blocked sales order to get below error: 3. A user with authorization (in this case sdconsultant) can change status to ‘released’ after checking sales order price.

How to create a status profile for a document?

You can create Status profiles for documents or transactions and then set up authorizations for certain activities. The result is we can enable select personnel as authorized to carry out the activities blocked by status profiles. 2. Go to Define Status Profiles. Choose New Entries and enter code & description for your status profile: 3.

How is authorization key assigned to status profile?

Authorization key is assigned to status profile and is used to create authorization for user role. Users and Authorizations. Authorizations to perform a particular action in the R/3 system can be created (and included in required user roles) via authorizationobjects.

How can I check the status of my itpin generation?

You can check the status of your ITPIN generation after submission of finger-prints on NSR site. This can be done using “Complete your Registration” option on NSR website and entering your “Acknowledgement Number” issued by NSR system and Log-in password set-up by you.

Is there a way to check if XMP is enabled?

There is one easy way to confirm whether XMP is enabled. You can use the free CPU-Z utility to see this information. There are two tabs in CPU-Z that are useful here. First, the Memory tab, which shows the current DRAM Frequency in the Timings section.

Can a XMPP framework be written in Swift?

XMPPFramework is now accepting contributions written in Swift, with some limitations. Swift code must be isolated in the Swift/ folder, and none of the existing or future Obj-C code may depend upon it. All public APIs written in Swift must be Obj-C compatible and marked with @objc. See the Contributing section below for more details.

How to install XMPP framework in Xcode project?

The easiest way to install XMPPFramework is using CocoaPods. Run carthage to build the framework and drag the built XMPPFramework.framework into your Xcode project. If you’d like to include new features written in Swift, drag XMPPFrameworkSwift.framework into your project as well.

How to use xmppmessage string enum in Swift?

The XMPPMessage chatState string value is now imported into Swift as a native Swift String enum when using the Swift extensions. A new chatStateValue property is provided for accessing the raw String value in both Swift and Obj-C. Readonly properties are used instead of getter methods where applicable.